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«European Journal of Physical Education and Sport» - scientific journal.

E-ISSN 2409-1952

Publication frequency – issued 2 times a year.
Issued from 2013.

Editorial Board




 Bartik Pavol – Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia



Deputy Editor-in-Chief

 Malinauskas Romualdas – Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education, Kaunas, Lithuania



Editorial Board

 Khodasevich Leonid – Sochi State University, Sochi, Russian Federation

 Maslovskii Evgenii – Academy of Physical Culture and Sport, Minsk, Belarus
 Mavrovouniotis Fotios – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

 Mathivanan D. – St. Eugene University, Lusaka, Zambia

 Polustruev Aleksei – Center for Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation, Omsk, Russian Federation
 Pavlovic Ratko – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Shakhanova Angelina – Adyghe State University, Maikop, Russian Federation
Smolenskii Andrei – Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism, Moscow, Russian Federation
Zeng Howard – Brooklyn College of The City University of New York, USA

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